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We are currently assembling lists of all graduating classes, as well as other students who did not attend through 12th grade or who did not complete the years that they were there. We are also scanning class pictures from yearbooks for this page. If you have a yearbook from 1959, the 60s, 1970, 1971, 1977 through 1979 or 1980 through 1983, then please contact us!

Special thanks to E. Sears Young, class of '67, who scanned a mid 60s FCA advertising brochure in its entirety and e mailed it to us. Many photos and quotes on this and other pages are from these scans. Thanks Sears!


When each year is completed, you will be able to click on it below to view pictures of the senior class scanned from that year's yearbook.


























Get your FCA transcripts! Here's the info:
Send your name (when you were at FCA), school name, birthdate, social security number, and year of graduation to Student Services, Lake County Schools, 509 South Palm Ave., Howey-in-the-Hills, FL 34737. Their fax is 352-324-2804, Phone 352-324-2625.

FCA advertisement

 The above ad was taken from a January 1969 National Geographic. FCA advertised in National Geographic's 'schools' section (in the back of the magazine) throughout the 60s, 70s and into the 80s. Below is an ad from the 80s, sent in by Jude Rodrigues, class of 1982.

FCA ad 1980s

  Alexander Academic Complex 
  The Alexander Academic Complex (above) was named in honor of Gen. T. L. Alexander. This brick building, located across the street from Allen Hall, contained ten classrooms. The building can be seen in the background. Judging from the shadows, and Midge Longeway's (class of '73) mini skirt (foreground), it was a warm, sunny morning when this photo of students changing classes was taken. Hurry, before the bell rings again!
  Alexander Complex new 
  The above photo of the brand new Alexander Academic Complex is from a mid 60s brochure on the school. The inscription below the photo reads, "This new brick classroom building helps to set off the fine campus of Florida Central. Each room is brick and mahogany paneled and includes individual heating and air conditioning. It houses the English, Social Science, and Mathematics classes."
  Cannity's math class
  Mr. Cannity's junior high math class from the mid 60s. "At this level, very special attention is given to study habits of boys...In mathematics, there is increased emphasis on drill for all who need it. Stress is also given toward further development of the student's ability to achieve great power of concentration in problem solving."-from the brochure.
  Watkins Hall
   Watkins Hall (above) contained three classrooms. The art department enjoyed a double wide space in the middle of the building. At the south end of the building was the biology laboratory, and at the north end was a regular classroom.
  Daily Schedule
  The daily schedule from a mid 60s brochure. This was for weekdays. Also from the brochure is this: "Special Schedule ­ Saturday and Sunday...The 180 day school and classroom schedule includes several Saturday morning classes."
  Library in the 1960s
  This photo of the Library is from the mid 60s. Mr. Soukup can be seen seated behind the desk. The Library was known as the 'center of the campus'.
  FCA Sign and Building from 1964
  These two photos are from the 1964 yearbook. On the left is a sign for the 'boy's preparatory school'. The sign stood along the edge of the road at the east end of the athletics field. On the right is a photo of the main building taken from the pool area. Notice there is no fence around the pool.

summer school brochure coverFlorida Central Academy had an associated Summer School in Estes Park, Colorado. The high altitude campus was open for summer participation by students from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s. There was a main lodge and cabins for housing including a lodge for Colonel Allen. Mr. Soukup ran the school along with a handful of teachers and staff from FCA's Florida campus. Most of our Summer School info has been provided by E. Sears Young, Class of 1967. If anyone has any memories of the FCA Summer School, please send them along to us!

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We're trying hard to be as correct as possible with dates and the spelling of people's names. If you see any mistakes, please let us know!

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