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Trident cover  Randy Powers
1976 Trident Faculty Favorite choices  Randy Powers, english teacher, 1971-?
Smitty Mr. Suarez
Mr. Smith, math teacher, 1970-? Mr. Suarez, Transportation Director, 1975-76

Mary Lynn Jordan, english teacher, Red Cross life saving instructor 1972-1974 writes...

OK, guys, can I tell my favorite HO story???? You do remember HO. The faculty men and I were in the hallway of the offices waiting for classes to begin one morning. The Col. (HO) walked down the hall as he always did, hitting each male faculty member on the butt in the typical basketball coach greeting, with that big grin on his face. Usually he passed me by or ignored me. This one morning my back was to him and I got the slap on the butt, too. It stung! The other men looked kind of shocked because it startled me and I jumped a little. I'm sure my mouth flew open. I don't think the Col realized what he had done because there was no change in him whatsoever. But from that moment on, I felt as if I had made it and was just one of the guys at FCA!

Mary Lynn Jordan is currently working on an Alumni Newsletter and is very active in acquiring material for this web site. She is also compiling an e mail and snail mail address list of Alumni and Faculty. E mail her at LadyKiter@aol.com, and check out her web site at .

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 John N. Stevens Mr. John N. Stevens, who was both a student and later served as an Administrator. This is his 1962 senior photo from that year's yearbook. The caption by the photo reads, "John works hard for the headmaster, always cordial, a great asset to the school." After attending Tennessee Wesleyan, he returned to FCA in 1966, to teach business administration, and economics. He left FCA in 1975.
 Susan Bach Susan Bach, Art Teacher, 1975-?. Ms. Bach took over the art department after Mr. Dan Raimen left in 1975. Her expertise was pottery and painting. She arranged trips to Orlando for students to see art films such as Fantasia, and encouraged students to participate in other art activities outside of the classroom. Ms. Bach, along with help from her students, painted the Red Devil logo on the basketball court floor in the Spring of 1976.
 Mr. & Mrs. Brookes Mr. Stanley C. 'Bud' Brookes, FCA Headmaster from 1963 to 1979, and Mrs. Brookes, at the FCA reunion in 1999. Mr. Brooks still works in high school administration in the central Florida area.
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Michael Morris (Class of 1966 and older brother of Wendy Morris, Class of 1974) wirtes..."You've never mentioned Gen. Thomas Alexander, so I assume he had retired or passed away by the time you arrived. He was Vice-President of the school, and ran things on a daily basis along with Col. Allen. He was a very fine old gentleman."
  By the time the mid-seventies had come around, General Alexander was no longer at FCA (he passed away in 1976). His name lingered on, though, and the stories that were told of him were a tribute to a man well respected by faculty and students alike.
  Leon Dubner writes... "I graduated in 1980 (started in the fall of '76). What a great school! Faculty and student body were terrific. Mr. Brookes left the school at the end of the '79 school year. John Steven left at the end of the '76 school year, so he was no longer a teacher, but I knew him through others. It is my understanding that he is an accountant. My last year at the school was not good. Col. Allan died in January of '79 and the man who took over the school (Mr. Tierany) destroyed the place. Most of the good faculty members left."


Soon to come: Photos of Mr. & Mrs. Coleman, Nursie (Thelma Keegan), Dr. Crow, Mr. Cudnick, Mr. Soukup, Mrs. Heline, Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Oler, Miss Skaer, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Manes, Mr. & Mrs. Philips, Mr. & Mrs. Currence, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Lepore, Mr. Kelly, Mr DeLong, Mr. Osborn, Mr. Henry, Mary Lynn Jordan, Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Brashear, Mrs. Suarez, Mr. Durkin, Mr. Dame, Mrs. Rodnite, Jeno F. Paulucci, Mr. & Mrs. Walters, Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Beman, Mr. Bradley, Mr. Lauchner, Mr. Boyd, Mrs. Wharton, Mr. Willard Graves (driving instructor), John Gardner, Gordon Dobbs, and Hugh Ray, and our other bus drivers and maintenence people, the night watchman, the band (Cat Food), visiting entertainers, the Morrison's Kitchen staff, the Seven Dwarves, and anyone else we can find.

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