Jude Rodrigues room

Jude Rodrigues sent us this wonderful photo of his room in the 300 building, circa early 80's. Some of the furniture may look familiar to the alumni, including the centerpiece of many rooms...a TV. Is that an ELO poster on the wall (right behind the can of Raid)? If that clock is right, Jude was either skipping out on class, or up after lights out!

Can of Raid? No, we got it wrong. Jude sent this in: "Yes I did live in the 300 building, my roommate was Edmund Wicyniak and he is still my best friend here in Orlando. By the way my fridge (only proctors got one) has a box of Ritz crackers not Raid, although we needed Raid with the amount of roaches we had! I lived in the main building (room 131) bottom floor my senior year. The metal furniture was really old, most of our stuff was 60's stuff that was repainted."