July 1990
Orlando, Florida
Airport Marriott Hotel

Great Reunions require good planning and take a great deal of effort to organize. Some very special people took it upon themselves, sacrificing their time, energy, and money, to find everyone possible, plan the event, and collect the necessary funds.
We would like to especially honor the two people whose combined efforts made this reunion possible:

Laurie Booth (Friese) 1976
Josie (Jeanes) Davenport 1978


...as well as those who helped make it such a big success...
David Caplan 1976
Master of Ceremonies
Fred Hancock 1977

Peter Thorpe 1976


Peter Thorpe designed the T-Shirt (right) for the 1990 reunion. He was also responsible for exhibits featuring FCA memorabilia.




Below is the 1990 group photograph (supplied by Laurie Friese). As with most areas on this web site, maiden names are used to avoid confusion.
Identities will appear when you move your mouse pointer across their faces. If you know someone that is not identified, please let us know.


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