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Reunion 2000 Orlando
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These reunion 2000 photos were taken by Lynda Wyatt, class of 1977, at the Orlando Airport Marriott on July 28th and 29th. For reference, girls' maiden names are used. 
  group shot
  The group shot being set up.
  Deb Hulse and Gary Yarusso
  Deb Hulse and Gary Yarusso, both class of 1975.
  Carrie Barnett
  Carrie Barnett, class of 1977.
   Josie Jeanes
  Josie Jeanes, class of 1978, at the Banquet. Laurie Freise, class of 1976, can be seen talking to the 'mystery man', class of ????, at the table next to Josie.
  Leigh Ann Langston plus guys 
  Leigh Ann Langston, class of 1975, with Peter Thorpe, class of 1976, Gary Yarusso, Class of 1975, and Greg Krajnyak, class of 1975.
  Loren Stern, Cheri Ashe, Zeta Morrison, and Ellen Stern
  Loren Stern, class of 1978, Cheri Ashe, class of 1978, Zeta Morrison, class of 1976, and Ellen Stern, class of 1977.
  Fred Hancock and Julie
  Fred Hancock, class of 1977, and his girfriend Julie.
  Peter Thorpe and nurse Thelma
  Peter Thorpe, class of 1976, with 'Nursie' Thelma Keegan, school nurse from 1971 to 1975.
  Kim Hollar
  Kim Hollar, class of 1976.
  Eric Ostmark
  Eric Ostmark, class of 1975.

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