The 2002 Reunion

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This Reunion was a collection of people from Florida Central Academy from the late 70's to the very last class to graduate in 1983. We will do our best to identify the individuals in the pictures. Any mistakes please email us. Thanks to all who submitted pictures. Enjoy

  Group in front of the old white entrance wall
  Cherry Murwin and Liz Bailey
  Left to right, Herbie Key, Sharon Merkel, and Monique Alexis
Left to right, Cherry Murwin, Liz Bailey, Donna Buckley, and Debbie Seymour.
From Left to Right Karen Mandell, Donna Buckley, Jackie Key, and Angela DeCarlo
Group on Adair Road talking to Golfer (he ran the Nursery up the street)
Karin Mandell at the corner of Adair and Dubsdread
Dawn Eiden, Richard "Beak" Blakely, Liz Barker, Sandra Perez.
Bill Wesner and Jeanie Rogers


We're trying hard to be as correct as possible with dates and the spelling of people's names. If you see any mistakes, please let us know at the email address below

Jude Rodrigues (class of '82)

Please send stories & photos
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