"Who learns and learns
But acts not what he knows,
Is one who plows and plows
But never sows."
A journey is begun . . . a journey into truth, reality and knowledge. Coming prepared to travel, we have brought along scattered bits of hope, faith, and enthusiasm. With our hands we will work; with our eyes we will see and learn.  Our scattered bits will become more on crete here at Florida Central.  For most, hopes will become reality and faith will be strengthened. Enthusiasm will dwindle and then surge upward again. Each student will find his own meaning; each experience his own reactions; each develop his own ways of expression.

We dedicate our yearbook to a man that is himself dedicated,


Mr. A.H. Lauchner


If I were sitting here and the whole outside world were indifferent to what I was doing,
I should still want to be doing
just what I am.


President’s Message


To our students and the Class of 1966:

This Yearbook is an excellent tribute to many students who are interested in the school.  We wish every Senior the best for his future and to those who will return to the “Halls of Central”, we trust that you will continue to take advantage of the opportunity that is here for you.

Make no little plans in Life.  There is no magic to show a student’s blood.  Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a disgrace once recorded will never die.  Remember that one’s sons and grandsons are going to do things for the future of America that will stagger us today.  Let your watch word be hard work and a willingness to do your best for yourself and your future.



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