To The Graduating Class of 1966:

“Duty is the sublimest word in the English Language.  One can never do more; One can never do less.”  Let us be steadfast in our efforts to fulfill our every duty in the face of hardships, criticism, and opposition.  Let us not fall in the habit of “drifting with the current” but be strong in our determination to do right.

To a wonderful student body, let me say “thanks” for your wonderful spirit of cooperation and loyality.  To you is largely due the credit for a successful, enjoyable, and profitable school year.

General T. L. Alexander
 Executive Vice-President






As you close the doors on your school days at Florida Central Academy and look ahead to an unknown future, you must stop to recall your past experiences and consider what you have received.  Most of all you want to remember the educational guidance you have received.

You are passing into the future, but are going with the knowledge that an education has been the best preparation for an adventure into the space and atomic era that lies ahead.  It will help you become a patriotic citizen of a free world.

  With best wishes,
Mr. Robert Soukup
Assistant to the President




The Dean’s Message

This year has witnessed the birth of a new school spirit, and I am proud of having been a part of its growth.  Always speak of Florida Central with pride.  You made the Academy what it is today.

With sincere best wishes,

Joseph B. Allen
Dean of Students
Colonel P. E. Williams

Member of Board of Directors
Mid-Western Representative
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