The Admissions Office was your first personal contact with Florida Central Academy. We are proud to have had a part in your becoming one of our students.

May the years ahead be happy and successful ones for you,





Mr. Remigius A. Walter


You … individually and collectively … without being conscious of it, have assisted us in interpreting the Florida Central Academy image.  You have done so with your cooperation and attainment.  We are deeply appreciative of your part in making this a splendid year.

Mrs. Betty L. Ross
Pupil Guidance Counselor


Every student in FCA has problems, big or small.  At one time or another, when you feel the need of talking with someone about class work, friends you may not understand, college, or anything else that is on your mind, drop in my office.

We listen, and sometimes assist students in arriving at decisions or determining a course of action.  The office aims to be helpful.

Mr. A. H. Lauchner
Director Pupil Personnel “Services”

Consultant for FCA
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